R-200  Radar Observer - Inland & GIWW

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Monday, June 26, 2017 through Thursday, June 29, 2017


This course provides training to mariners who wish to obtain an endorsement to their US Coast Guard Merchant Mariners License as Radar Observer (Inland & GIWW).


ü Course Approved for Workforce Development

ü Course Approved for Veterans Education and Training

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6   PreRegistration is required.

Class start time: 9:00am


4 Days (32 Hours)


$ 495  

Course Details:

This course provides training to mariners who wish to obtain an endorsement to their US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner’s License as Radar Observer (Inland & GIWW).

There are three Radar Observer endorsement levels: Rivers, Inland and Unlimited. A Radar Observer endorsement is required on all Master's licenses over 200 GRT and on all towing vessel licenses.

It is highly recommended that everyone complete the Unlimited course and receive the endorsement for Radar Observer - Unlimited, even if they have an Inland license.

If a mariner stops at the Inland Endorsement and later decides he or she needs the Unlimited Endorsement, they must attend the entire five day course. Satisfactory completion of any of these courses satisfies the U.S. Coast Guard requirement for issuance of the endorsement with no further testing at the Coast Guard. Your Radar endorsement must be added to your license by the Coast Guard and must be renewed every five years. Renewal is accomplished by attendance at a U.S. Coast Guard approved Radar Observer Recertification course. Our Unlimited course satisfies the STCW - 95 requirements for Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch.

The course provides students with classroom instruction covering the examination topics identified in 46 CFR, Part 11, Sec. 11.480(b)(2)

The course is divided into several sections as follows:

  • Regulatory process and RADAR regulations including the legal aspect of RADAR as it relates to the Rules of the Road
  • History of RADAR
  • RADAR theory, operation and interpretation of display including examination
  • River navigation and collision avoidance on rivers including practical exercises and examinations on RADAR simulator
  • Inland RADAR navigation, Stabilized and Un-stabilized displays including using RADAR to fix vessel position including practical exercises and examination
  • Collision avoidance

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