Amanda Symonds Named President of Chesapeake Marine Training Institute

CMTI Instructors President Amanda Symonds

Chesapeake Marine Training Institute (CMTI) is pleased to announce Amanda Symonds was recently named President of CMTI, effective May 31.

“I am so excited for this opportunity,” said Symonds. “After being so invested in the success of CMTI, it just felt right to take this next step for myself and my family.”

Symonds takes the helm after investing 16 years at CMTI. She represents a new generation of leaders taking on challenges and opportunities to better their community and the lives of others.

“I can’t thank Capt. Guy Sorensen enough for offering me this opportunity and having the faith in me to continue what he has worked so hard to build," Symonds said.

Sorensen founded CMTI in August 1992 and watched Symonds continue to take on more responsibility and challenges having served as License Consultant, Office Manager, and General Manager over the years. Many students will report that Symonds has become the “go-to” person for most mariners that walk through CMTI’s door.

Symonds plans to bring fresh ideas to the maritime school.

CMTI President Amanda Symonds

“We have a lot of potential here and I am looking forward to growing CMTI to accommodate the new requirements set forth by the United States Coast Guard,” she said. “We have done a great job maintaining the courses we currently offer, but I’d like to see us offer an even larger variety of classes, including the ability to incorporate distance learning via online programs."

CMTI is already looking at developing courses and training opportunities that maritime companies and mariners need in order to stay relevant and maintain their licenses.

"With the newest Subchapter M requirements affecting 5,900 towing vessels and 1,100 companies, we plan to be an integral part of the process by supporting the towing industry in any way possible," Symonds said. "I’m excited about what the future holds for me and the company as a whole. My goal is to grow CMTI to bigger and stronger. The possibilities are endless.”

Symonds said among the virtues she loves most about CMTI is the tight-knit family atmosphere.

“With having my dad and my husband, who are both instructors at CMTI, and some of my dearest friends onboard with me, what is there not to love? Not only do we have extremely knowledgeable staff and instructors, everybody wants what’s best for the company,” said Symonds. “It’s a great feeling knowing I have the support of my team when making decisions for the company. I look forward to a bright future serving mariners and their respective companies in the industry."


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